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Koko’s Japanese Cook Book

I live in Denmark but I cook Japanese food all the time at home. I am sharing the recipes I use – this is a home cooking Japanese food, taste of Japanese moms  🙂

It’s doable!!!!! –  to use ingredients from LOCAL grocery stores and 5 Japanese core-ingredients.  Click the banner to check the details.


T-shirts, Cups, Stickers, Posters….much more!

ScandiAsia has a official store at RedBubble! Click the banner to check it out 🙂

Top 3 Popular Items at RedBubble

Here are the top 3 – most popular design. Besides drawing silly cartoons, I like to draw Anime.

Little Mermaid 

Here is my version of Little Goth-Lori-Mermaid!

Pas På Mig  ( Watch Out for me!)

In Denmark you see this sign, Pas På Mig – at street where kids play.


Lazy is Good
It’s great that you work hard.  Study, Work, Fitness…. but sometimes don’t we all need lazy time? Have some cookies and green tea!