Hire Me

Thanks for stopping by!

My name is Koko, Japanese Illustrator & Designer in Denmark.

I am offering my services below. Feel free to contact me at helloscandiasia(atmark)gmail.com  for details!

I am strongest with drawing, and come up with fun, unique ideas that can be used for business development, promotion, etc etc ….


Here’s what I can offer:


Drawing / Illustration Service

My Online Portfolio 

I am available for offer creative services below.

    • Illustration
    • Infographic
    • Icons
    • Storyboard sketching
    • Character Design


Rates:  300 danish kroner per hour / USD 44 / Euro 40.  includes VAT / Taxes.

Depends on the amount of work and contract, I will be happy to come up with a package deal, so please write me at helloscandiasia(atmark)gmail.com   ✌️


Commercial Use of ScandiAsia cartoon images

If you want to use drawing of ScandiAsia images for your business – it’s possible, and thank you for not just stealing the images 😄
Please contact me.

helloscandiasia(at mark)gmail.com


Video / Phone Chat with Koko!

This is a unique service ☺️

I’m available to chat with you for 45 mins!!
Between 10.30 AM ~ 2PM Copenhagen Time.


You ‘buy my time’ for 45 mins – so it’s you, decide what we want to talk about. 😄

Maybe you want to practice Japanese? Sure!
Maybe you are going to Japan and need to ask some questions? Okay!
Do you need to make a reservation at a  specific restaurant or hotel in Japan? I will help you!  *** In this case the time I’ll spend to make  a reservation, will be deducted from the 45 mins time slot. ***


45 minutes = 200 danish kroner / USD 30 / Euro 26


How does this work?

First you email me and tell me 2 things.

1) what you want to talk about – more details, the better.

2) request your time – give me 2 possibilities.



Oh yeah…
In this chat, I can also cover:


“Foreigners” Advice

Are you an international, who came to a new country? Whatever the reasons you may have, I understand how difficult it can be…  to integrate with new culture.

  • how to make friends?
  • how to find a job?
  • how to deal with homesick?
  • how do I get along with partners’ family?
  • how do I master the local language?
  • how to deal with discrimination

I will try to advice you from my experience.

I have gone through all the things that I had listed above, so I understand your struggle!

Japanese <—> English Translation Service

30 minutes = 110 danish kroner / USD 16 / Euro 14

For this job we will only communicate by emails. 🙂